My nigis is about to rip


Ibnu Suxuufi Ibnu Al Dhoobe
My 3rd nigis is about to rip:jaynerd:

. I've tried to adjust but for obvious reasons I can't. Maybe it's me, maybe the nigis, maybe it's having unwarranted tailoring:francis:. My nigis has been restricted & constricted and as a man who only has his word and his balls, well my balls need to breath :bell:With unwanted help the past 2 have torn, and the third is showing the same apparent signs of fatigue:pachah1:.

With that being said I will let this nigis rest in the cleaners. Possibly if the fit is adjusted, and there's more wiggle room made available I will wear it again.

But until then waa idiin wada ssalaamay gaal iyo muslinba:heh:
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