My lyrics posts will be over tmrw

Odkac WRLD

جندي صومال
I remember first year of uni, I was roped into going to this live music show...if you didn’t Seattle is really big on live music so I went to Juice World’s Seattle show. It was in a sweaty compact place called wamu theater

Shit was hot as shit in there but it was 10/10 most active day of my life. Shit was bumping were turning up slapping ass all that saqajaan shit man but I said yeet to zina tho you already know wtf goin on halalgang

anyways it was really fun until some dude threw Xanax at juice wrld and he stopped and told the dude he don’t want any of us on that shit. Lol hypocrite much kkkk
Saw that nigga lil bibby short ass nigga lmaooo

but yea that’s what got me into dudes music

tomorrowwill be Feb 8th two months post Mortem

I called for 60 days of mourning and it will be ending tomorrow god bless