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I made a big mistake when ordering I never knew MyHeritage doesn’t have the y chromosoom test till after I sent them my dna-kit. Feel like I’ve wasted money, but I ordered the 23andMe dna kit and sent it to them the other day. But I got my MyHeritage results yesterday, and I got 1,7% Japanese that freaked me out.

care to explain
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Moderator is a scam, you wasted your money. Extremely inaccurate test and poor technology behind it.

You should have used the search function on this forum warning others not to do MyHeritage.


I do something called "what I want"
It might be innacurate. Do you look middle eastern? Or fully somali? If it's the latter then yes it's probably innacurate, ~20% middle eastern dna would be like a grandparent or something.

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