My girl is pregnant and she not Somali or Muslim.

Why are you conflating western laws to Somali laws? And on top of that you compare western women to men in Somalia, you should be comparing how western men are treated compared to their female peers and same with Somali men and their female peers, anything else is dishonesty.
What’s incredibly dishonest about you is that initially I was talking about Eastern women and misogyny in traditional societies: why is it okay for you to bring up the West but I’m not allowed to bring up Somali men?

I’m comparing western women with Somali men because we’re comparing men and women and how globally according To you men have it harder when it comes to accountability.

Our initial conversation wasn’t about the West only so why am I limited to that and it’s okay for you to bring up non patriarchal societies?!
Also how many times do I have to clarify that the Somali men who marry underage girls are clearly r-worders, yes I agree that these men are basically engaging in grooming in the modern day. Why do you constantly keep trying to attribute a position to me so badly? I’m not the one who believe a day ago that women can’t r-word men, while making excuses for them, that was you.
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No that’s not what the initial argument was about, you shifted the goalposts then argued for some random stuff so it’s seems like you were in the right but guess what, if your new goalpost is “women get r-worded by men significantly more than the other way round in more vicious ways and that men in Somalia tend to get away with r-wording more than YES, you’re right, I’d agree (I even initially pointed out that men getting R-worded by women is a tiny minority of cases, but that doesn’t matter as the point was which one is more likely to be taken seriously, man r-wording women or women r-wording men) with you but that’s not what any of this was about. Just go back and see the initial discourse about how I said women tend to have less accountability and you’ll realize what all this was actually about. You’re the one who needed to stay on topic.
I talked about the lack of accountability of men by using r-word and even consensual s$x. Men in Eastern societies not only get away with sleeping around but also r-wording and getting with minors. Hence please explain to me how they’re held more accountable?!
Anyways I’m out, this conversation went nowhere, and everywhere randomly, with some nasty accusations being made.