My friend comes out to me

any advice that doesn’t include cutting her off would be appreciated guys
You lost her. Not only is she lesbian, she is in love with you. Unless you can give her what she want things will never go back to normal. Lesbian love is more intense than hetro love. Don’t be surprised if you keep her as friend and she notice you like a guy that guy end up having freak accident and die

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It’s 2020 Somalis are doing everything you could think of that they weren’t doing years ago. I don’t know why you think I’m lying or so surprised about her being lesbian and having a tat. We’ve got somali pornstars and blue makeup for crying out loud. Open your eyes and lift your eyelids from this innocent view you have on Somalis.
I use to think xaliimos were nuns. Then I discovered a certain xalimo based subreddit. :tocry:

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This is my friend of 6 years btw. I hold her very dear to my heart and I consider her as a sister. Anyways me and her are very different in terms of personality and everything else but I guess they say opposites attract. She’s quite religious mashallah although I’m not perfect at all and I sin a lot she influences me in a lot of ways to change and better myself as a Muslim. Back to what I was trying to say she went uni last year and I haven’t seen her since up until today later on in the afternoon. She came to my house and thank god my parents didn’t witness what I saw today. I open the front door and I see her with a farxiya kabayare cut, big black boots, two eyebrow piercings and a face tat. Now I don’t wear a hijab myself but even for me that was too extreme (not to judge her btw). After a long conversation this girl tells me she’s Lesbian and she’s been in love with me since the beginning of this year. She even showed me my picture saved as her lock saver on her phone. She told me how everyone in uni knows me as her girlfriend. Kulaha waan kugu duceeysta markasto iga aqbal jaceylkayga. Wallahi I told her to get out of my house and fix up. I kinda feel bad but it took me by surprise. Feel like I should call her back and talk about it.
I blame the white girls she started chilling with at uni. I mean where did this come from? Don’t make a joke out of this situation give me sincere advice because this is not a person who I want to lose In my life.
She is saying she is in love with you. That already makes the relationship awkward.

Think of it this way: What if it was a male friend who confessed to you that he loved you? How would you treat the situation?

Do you want a relationship with her because you want to? Or is it out of guilt (my intuition says its the latter).


I honestly can’t imagine the situation you’re in... if she was a guy it’d be different but she’s your best friend and is Khaniis.. damn.


Your friend dont wanna be just a friend no more love. Lesbians will bully you into that lifestyle. Ive seen it multiple times with my own eyes walahi so just mind yourself. I dont even know how you still call someone a friend thats been flicking the bean over you for however many years cmon on now

This what im saying alot of xalimos are dl in london but other girls dont out them. Always end up exposing themselves when they get wavy. Op may be cappin but its really a thing here lol
Wallahi you’re hilarious. :dead:I’m actually dying of laughter.


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That's a big change to make in such a short amount of time. She crazy. Hit a cut on her, friends don't spread lies about you. She over stepped her boundaries. Imagine a nigga coming thru saying he gay asf and liked you this whole time.
Nigga I'd be in jail rn:ohlord::westbrookwtf::hova::camby:

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Since you guys have known each other for a very long time. I think you shouldn't give up the friendship just yet.

Communicate with her and be honest about how you feel about the situation she put you in. If you want to continue your friendship with her tell her that, but under the conditions that she doesn't come at you with that gay shit. If she refuses, or over step her boundaries again than you have every right to leave that friendship.
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Imagine someone who lies about you to others. Goes against their faith. And looks unemployable. This is someone you used to know that is no more. Their Imaan was eroded just to live a deviant life. A life that is incompatible with yours. At this stage, only IIahi can help them. And you are no shrink.

I feel sorry for gen Zs. They are more gender and sexually confused. No offense.
Cut her out of your life, she is not your mother you will survive. Besides if she can lie about u being her girlfriend, she probably can lie about you to the community, and spread rumors that u guys are a couple! I would have cut that wicked person out for my safety. There are followers, leaders and people who depending on the situation take one of those roles, your friend is a follower she was influenced by her white demon friends into a lifestyle she has known was sinfull and against her religion. If she has managed to suppress that thought (which by the way is a test) then she could have continued with it if she didnt meet those people. Surround yourself with likeminded people, that wont Influence you into bad choices.what will a lesbian contribute to your life🤔


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tell her that you value her as a friend and that her recent change is a bit overwhelming to u, don't cut her off, remind her of the memories you'll created together. She just might be asking for help in a non direct way :)
A good friend will not slander about you to others. My advice is to cut her off. Don't even associate with her, or else people will think you're gay.


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@S._ :drakewtf:Just forget she even exists.

Why would you have a friend that lies about you and says that you are dating w/ each other.
Why would you have a friend that left her deen and wants you to do too.
Why would you have a friend if she wants you to live in her fantasy.
Why would you have a friend who is trying to force her lifestyle onto you.
Why would you have a friend if she is wearing outfits that are Iblis-related.

You either bring her back to Islam or block her from your life.:manny:

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You are a Muslim woman (Ive assumed) and this ‘friend’ knowing good and damn well what that means went and told a whole bunch of people that you’re khaniis ( as you are her gf). What if that got back to your family? How would they feel? My advice - - Don’t ruin your sumcad over some misplaced feels. She’s toxic.

What if she went around and told everyone that you’re a thieve or you’re a liar or you sleep around? Khaniisnimo is a sin like all these things. Maybe even worse. And she went and told everyone you’re that. Why are you not outraged, disgusted, and on your way to getting a restraining order?


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