My favorite atheist on SSpot...

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somalis have the highest incidence of gaalnimo in the west. :lawd:. Your children and grandchildren will be gaal most likely. Somalis tend to be cynical.


"I'd kill for a Noble Peace Prize"
My nigga Vice Allaaya Baraack bro, Alf Alf Mabruuk. Guurkiina Guur khayr Guri nabada Allaw ka yeel.:denzelnigga:

I don't see why his atheism is emphasised on the thread title or why folks are chatting a lotta bollocking shyt. Mandem earned his Geeljireism and footy hooliganism credentials from day one. The only bilaa Ilaah nigga I wouldn't mind having a pint of biyo with on a CL match day.
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