My bedroom

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And seek help in patience and prayers
Can we also see a pic/screenshot of your computer desktop, without hiding/editing out the desktop icons? :troll:
Lol don't have a computer. Could you post your car's floor mat, athigu?:dance:

Ps. Are you suggesting I am not worthy of that Ashley bed?:damn:
Yeah! Well, internet accessible mobile phones have desktops just like computers but nice try. I will stop now. Don't worry; your favorite **** site link shortcuts are save for now. haha


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Thus cat trying to convince us that he owns such a car
Slow news day, so here is pic of my Sariir.

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Damn that's clean how old are you I would post but people would roast me I got too much cables tools and electronics laying around from work but also dishes from Saturday and a pizza box from last week my girl will be back on Friday to clean this shit tho


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You don't have a computer but you're magically responding to this, eh? :sureman:

And this is the floor mat of my car:

:comeon::camby:Where's the Carola or Camry son? Don't go that road. A lot Of niggaz have and they haven't recovered from the L after we caught them red handed.

You know you :ufdup:right?
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