My Advice to TDF & OLA in regards to storming Addis Ababa

If any of you is reading this post.
Here is my two cents.

Please do not be in haste by storming Addis Ababa.

Surround all the gates of Addis ababa and put it under seige as long as a month to weaken the regime and prevent flow of essentials into the city.

This will cause a civilian uprising that will quicken the collapse of the regime and also save your lives too.

Allot of ENDF will become disgrunted and start deserting the army.

Addis Ababa should be put under seige for as long as it will take the regime to break rather than trying to push through with force.

Also make sure that they dont use drones by shelling the airport once all diplomats leave the country.
masha Allah I have a feeling they read somalispot. They have spies all over.

the siege is a good idea. Starve then ideally to death. Let the people eat abiy alive.


You should be a military general. This is exactly the plan they should implement.

Let all international diplomats leave first and second make sure flights are grounded afterwards. Watch EDNF start indiscriminately killing anyone they suspect of being a TPLF agent and turn the government into a pariah on the global stage. They’ve already arrested UN officials so this shouldn’t be difficult


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