Muse Bixi waa geesi

Walahi he's basically reminding us too look past the politics and not to let it divide the people of somaliland. Many people voted for him and that's why he is madaxweeyne SL. I'm not really pro Muse Bixi but if I had a vote it would've been between him or Faisal.

Wadani were just going off by Tribalism with Ciro giving other fellow old politician a boxing lesson. Now a lot of wadani supporters have been very salty since there loss. Even salt bae wouldve been proud but MBC is really growing on me.

This guy really loves his people and country. I've bumped into him before he was elected in at West Ealing. I knew who he was at the time care much for it. But now I'm like I would actually like to see him do well.