Muse Bixi Man of the People

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I'll just leave this here.

You Daroods are so clueless :ulyin:

Bixii at that time couldn't even enter Gabiley let alone fight in Awdal.In fact Muuse Bixii was hiding in the bushes when the lions of Gabiley were roaring on the battlefield.My uncle (aun) headed 99th SNM and it was probably his decision to chase the regime in awdal

I still support Bixii tho since he is the only suitable candidate...Cirro is pro-Somalia but is currently hiding his sentiments and abti Faysal would be like Donald Trump :bell:

Saalax Bidaar

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Yes. Jamal Ali Hussein would've been the start of a new era for Somaliland.

The other candidates have been in SL politics for much too long.

Jamal Ali Hussein Has no idea how to even be successful candidate, what makes anyone believe he would be any better President is a mystery to me. Could it be that you believe his Harvard degree will somehow make him good president? Rer Puntland have something to tell of what's like to have Harvard educated buffoon as a leader


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My ideal candidate would've been Jamal ali hussein who is young and has lot of business experience and would bring change. However out of the current 3, biixi is the viable choice, see the filthy censored cry at his site :mjhaps:
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