Muqdisho Online: AMISOM expanding, helping Farmajo takeover FMS's, forming new state in Sool/Sanaag

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Muqdisho Online are the good folks who brought us the scoop on Robow's imminent arrest a week before it happened.
Fred, Farmajo, and Fahad Yassin: A Marriage of Evil
MOL reports after three months of investigations, interviewed a various member of AU, EU and International community. Somalia is at risk of facing new challenges from reckless gangsters in the African Union. The gang wants to exercise unmandated move of taking over managing the politics of Somalia for personal gains.

Since last year there have been secret talks between some individuals in African Union and some members in the Federal Government of Somalia to cooperate in some suspicious political activities.

The mastermind of the plot is Fred Ngoga from the Conflict Prevention Unit of the AU and supported by AU Peace and Security Commissioner Ismail Chergue, Babatunde Taiwo (handpicked by Fred and Chergue) to lead AU political team in Somalia and other members in Addis Ababa and Mogadishu. On the side of the FGS are President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre, Minister Jamal Mohamed Hassan, Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir, Abdi Said and some members in Somalia intelligence.

Fred, Fahad, and Farmajo's plot to overthrow the FMS Presidents
The first stage of the deal is to deploy AU political officers to all Federal Members States and report directly to Fred and Taiwo, who will then share the information from the states to Villa Somalia. Among the tasks in this first phase is to help the FGS plan of getting rid of all presidents of the Federal Member States. Already Taiwo and Fred helped the FGS to create chaos and over throw Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, and arrest Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur.

The AU team have recently discussed with the financier of this plot Fahad Yassin (former member of Al Ittihad terrorist group), currently the Deputy DG of Somali Intelligence in the way forward of implementing the plan to over throw the presidents of Jubbaland and Galmudug.

The plot to install a pro Villa Somalia leader in Puntland failed, when Said Abdullahi Deni was unexpectedly elected to become the new president. Talks about whether to spare or remove Mohamed Abdi Ware are on the way. Ware switched from the coalition of the FMS leaders last year and announced allegiance to the FGS, but Fahad and Villa Somalia team are still not happy with him, since he previously dared to oppose the FGS publicly.

Fred, Fahad, and Farmajo's plot to create a new Federal Member State in Sool iyo Sanaag
Fred and Taiwo and their colleagues in Addis Ababa are also supporting FGS plan to establish a new state in Sool and Sanaag regions in northern Somalia. This will be the most dangerous move of this AU-FGS group, because and endless bloodshed is expected to take place in this area, where the clan rivalry is very high. With this perception of blindness acts, there is no possibility of holding Somalia-Somaliland talks, which went silent since Farmajo came into power. It is now clear that Farmajo has the full support of this AU trouble makers no to address the issue of Somalia-Somaliland. It had to be remembered that any attempt to establish a state in Sool and Sanaag prior to resolve the bigger dispute will result infighting among the local clans, between Puntland and Somaliland, and event between Somalia and Somaliland.

Abdi Said and Jamal M Hassan recently met Fred and Taiwo in Addis Ababa to expedite the implementing of the Sool -Sanaagn project.

Last year, these AU individuals had almost caused a civil war in Mogadishu, when they supported President Farmajo and PM Kheyre to get rid of Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari.

With this attitude, President Farmajo will not fulfil his recent reconciliation pledge in Garowe, since he has the support of this dangerous group from the AU, who are suspected of enjoying financial gains in this power game in Somalia.

Also, the AU team which is involved in this game contribute to the tension that sometimes erupt between the FGS and other international stake holders like IGAD and other countries.

A number of African, Arab and European countries have already expressed concerns over this reckless project, which they believe will cause havoc in Somalia and the entire region of Horn of Africa.

Background on Fred
Fred Ngoga, the mastermind of this plot aimed to create more conflicts in Somalia was first employed in the AU by his uncle Nicholas Bwakira, who was the first SRCC and head of AMISOM. During those days allegations were made that Fred, his uncle and others involved in the shoddy establishment of Azania state (Jubbaland) orchestrated by the former Defence Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Gandi. Gandi and the AU team reportedly pocketed millions of dollars from this project.

  • Fred Uganda, Fahad Yassin, and Amxaarmajo are plotting to overthrow the FMS presidents and replace them with Ugandans, Burundis, Ethiopians, and Kenyans.
  • This cabal of evil plans to ignite a new civil war in the north by forming a new state in Sool/Sanaag.
  • This is the same group that arrested Robow and replaced him with Bantu Gareen.
  • Robow was captured by AMISOM soldiers. Yet AMISOM continues to deny this.
If you need proof of this story, look no further than the President Deni's inauguration the other day and watch this video from 17:30 to 18:05.
The Head of AMISOM, Francesco Madeira, does a speech at the Puntland presidential inauguration. In it he claims that AMISOM will expand by opening civilian offices across Somalia. And that they will support "stabilization" efforts in Puntland as they do in the south.

Read between the lines and you will understand that he means to use the South West Strategy in Puntland.
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Maybe it’s connected to Caare joining the SNA?


Maybe he’ll be the president of this new Sool (Dhulo) and Sanaag (HY) state.

Not a bad development, giving Caare this new position as Lt. Gen only makes sense if there is going to be a new offensive on the northern frontier that the FGS and AU are collaborating on.


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
I would do anything to see a recognized SSC state Wallaahi.


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I thought you said Dhulbahanate are traitors so if they are getting/making a new maamul why are you disagreeing:wtfdis:
I don't care if they form their own region but the FGS doing it is another matter entirely.


Interesting. A SS state would be more economically viable than many states in Somalia due to its gold deposits in Sanaag and the oil fields in Holhol.
Simple yes or no question do you support creating maamul using help from outside the Maamul territory? Simple yes or no question
I could careless as long as it's not inside mainland PL and our warsan brothers land in sanaag.
So you are a PL nationalist?
Yes is it not obvious? I believe in PL and those who support it examplewise our saaxo mx brothers.
You support PL first and foremost meaning your priority is PL not the rest of Somalia you couldn't care much outside of PL don't play the Somalinimo or Wadani card next week if you get pissed at the SFG
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