Muhubo Fabulous and He Ex Husbands - lol

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Husband#1: He used to eat too much 'cambuulo' and then endlessly farted
Husband#4: He was a coward who was afraid of spider webs :damn:
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Free Wi-Fi > Free Palestine
Soon we will have a Somali version of Real Housewives of Atlanta and this chick will be in it lol.
@10:55, "...laakiin naayaa iyo hadalo xunxun uma qalantid. Gabar Soomaaliyeed baad tahay, bariis macaan baad karisaa, anigana waan ku jecelahay.."
Waryahe how do I post smileys

There is a smiles link on the top menu bar. It is the 14th menu from left. Once you click on it, it will give two taps: Smiles and Faces. The faces contain the images, and Smiles contain the emoticon characters. I hope I stated it right as I am not good at in some of the terminologies. :cool:
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