Muhammad asks allah to curse women who pluck their eyebrows, bc they "change the creation of allah"


1- Hypocrisy: genital mutilation
It is remarkable that Muhammad forbids eyebrow shaping because it “changes the creation of Allah” but prescribes circumcision, the mutilation of genitalia. If eyebrow hairs are “the creation of Allah,” then certainly the clitoris and foreskin are too.

Regarding FGM, every school of Islamic jurisprudence, with no exception, prescribes FGM. It is either obligatory, as per the Hanbalis and Shafiis, or it is Sunna, as per the Hanafis and Malikis. (See Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of Fiqh 32/186 and IslamQA fatwa 60314).

2- Hypocrisy: Muhammad dyes his own hair
Muhammad dyes his own hair. He is recorded dyeing his hair yellow khaluq (Nasai 5088, HOTD 292), red henna (Bukhari 166) and red-black katam, which in combination with henna is his preferred hair dye (Ibn Majah 3622, 3623).

While “changing the creation of Allah” applies to women who shape their eyebrows, apparently it does not apply to a 60-year-old man dyeing his own hair—trying to look young and hip to wives in their teens and 20's.

3- Pettiness
Muhammad asks that Allah curse women—that Allah deny His blessings and mercy to women—who beautify themselves.

Cursing is a big deal. To me, it is both selfish and evil, and never in my life was I comfortable with it, much less cursing a person over something as petty as shaping eyebrows.

It is also uncomfortable how much of Muhammad’s cursing is focused on women. He curses women who pluck their eyebrows, women who have tattoos, women with hair extensions, women who wail in mourning, women who visit graves, and women who deny their husband sex—even for just one night.

But I have a better curse: “May Allah curse men who take sex slaves, men who abuse the creation of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime.”

And to sum up:
Per Islam, mutilating genitalia is prescribed and shaping eyebrows is forbidden.