#MTHCA: South African Bantu and Boer Nationalist going 'we wuz' on each other, whats her next move?

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In her last attempt to claim ancient Egypt, the bantress goes on to claim cushites as her kind.
The boer nationalist responds

Sheikh Warsame also responds:

( the white dude liked the tweet btw)

MTHCA= Make The Horn Cushitic Again


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Twitter gives me ADHD. I can't stand it. Yeah, it's a nice platform to get breaking news from or comments of celebrities and politicians, but still it's just annoying overall.
when other African are arguing with pigskins, you don't negate their claim no matter how wrong.
but i don't expect that from you. keep clapping your booty for whitey:mybusiness:
Arguing with whites won't generate enough traffic and won't be as fun

I've dedicated threads to trolling whites anyway soooo

This one got triggered hard kkkkkkkk


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Nah I would never side with a racist cadaan over an African. You take this L sxb.

and who cares if the they claim African history? Don't the whites dickride Greek and Roman history 24/7 and claim their culture and civilizations too? The white Europeans were always slaves and had no history but slavery tribal wars and poverty for thousands of years. The Southern Europeans always looked down on them and considered them an inferior race so their extreme inferiority complex led them to connect themselves with Italy and Greece and the European label and steal their history and culture in the process.

The Africans are doing the same. Let these people eat!! I'd rather Egypt be black that white
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