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Anyone have good movie or series to binge? I’m off for a week and looking for something to waste time on. I have Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and amazon prime so suggest away.

Don’t suggest anything that needs me to read subtitles please I don’t have the patience
Dark on netflix

Nvm just read the last part. You're missing out on a pretty decent show cause you're being a lazy prick


End of the F*cking World isn't bad either. Super weird, but entertaining. And you can binge it (short eps and doesn't require a lot of attention)
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All tarantino movies, batman trilogy, gladiator, inception, interstellar, old boy (you said no subs, but you can torrent dub) blade runner (both), the godfather trilogy, nightcrawler, heat, casino, goodfellas, lord of the rings trilogy, seven, scarface, warrior, lawless, the revenant, lock,stock and two smoking barrels, snatch , grand budapest hotel (hilarious), children of men, no country for old men, there will be blood, the big lebowski, star wars, star trek,

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Game of thrones, breaking bad, sherlock, true detective (1s not the 2, maybe the 3rd), black mirror, westworld, mr robot, rome (2005), Oz, dexter, ozark, cowboy bebop, smaurai champloo, vikings, the office, handmaids tale, counterpart, barry, house of cards(not the last s), taboo, lost, the expanse, the walking dead, the last kingdom, atlanta, daredevil
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No is it good?

Btw the faceless men was my favorite storyline in GOT
Lol I was being sarcastic because I thought your username was derived from it!

The Shining is always regarded as THE greatest horror film ever put to screen! I am warning you though, it's far from your typical scary movie, don't go into it if you're looking for the clishe jump scares and dumb teenagers getting killed for dumb shit while the blond girl survives and defeats the *insert horror baddie*.

Instead... What you get is a well made slow movie that takes its time and devolopes its characters deeply enough for you to care about them, and a fascinating story about a family isolated in a haunted house with a father who's on the edge of madness.

But that's just half of what makes it an iconic movie, you see... It was directed by the great Stanley Kubrick, A legend of cinema who was known for putting all kinds of deep methapors and innuendos into his craft, every film he makes has beautiful cinematography and is so rich in detail its impossible to grasp all the hidden meanings and Easter Eggs in his films with just a single viewing, especially in this case where he intentionally moves objects like chairs in the background while characters are interacting, he'll go great lengths for pulling off that creepy vibe!

Anyway sorry for the essay, as you can tell I highly recommend this movie and if you don't get bored with it and end up liking it feel free to checkout haunting of the hill house on Netflix as it's greatly inspired from The Shining!
If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, I’d recommend ‘Better Call Saul’. There’s already four seasons out and the fifth one is confirmed. It’s an amazing show, totally underrated.
City of god is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen tbh.
Penny dreadful is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Also Luther with idris Elba and Sherlock holmes


City of god is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen tbh.
Penny dreadful is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Also Luther with idris Elba and Sherlock holmes
One of the very few movies worth reading subtitles (if anyone knows any more, quote me).
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