Mountain of gold discovered by Villagers in Congo.


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Pretty sure they get completely ripped off by middle men that work with gold processing plants


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This don’t surprise me Congo has abundance of natural resources whether it be Gold,Diamond,Oil,Uranium just to name a few. But the country has like 80% poverty rate.

It’s sad when you think about how African countries who have all the potential yet rely on UN aid money :manny:


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Bruh millions of dollar on that mountain watch it all line the pockets of foreigners. Africa needs to have a backbone and not let others capitalize on it's natural wealth.
I have a bad feeling that large corporations would exploit these natural resources for their own interests and the nation would be left eith nothing. They were better off not discovering this until much much later when their country act holds itself together and is able to negotiate on fair terms, i have a feeling the decision making will be left with corrupt business leaders