Mortal Kombat 4 Ending

Mortal Kombat is my childhood game. Who was your favourite character?
I might have tried it as young, but it was not what I played as a kid. I was more into The GTA's and the Prince of Persia franchise.

Me my brother and some friends used to play Super Smash Bros., and Mario Cart. When I look back, we were so competitive, betting snacks and stuff lol. Fun times, man.
“You have to uphold the law. You have to arrest me! Wait, wait, this is brutality!!

This isn’t a brutality, it’s a fatality”

It's so predictable, but yet so funny — 10/10 for the comedy.

The last guy was talking on the radio, but he was near the cliff the whole time. It's so bad. :drakelaugh: