Moral Dilemma

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It's tempting to say my niece then my daughter, but then let's be realistic if you saw your kid drowning you'd forget the entire world and only focus on saving them . So my answer is I don't know.
What about you ?
I'd rescue my own kid first & grab the other one on the way back to shore :cosbyhmm:


"You are your best thing"
Everyone will save their kid selfishly but if the niece is closer to you and you bypass her to get to your own kid, that's just horrible. I don't think I would have the heart to do that, so to answer your question I will get to whoever is closer and go back for the other.
First things first i would make sure that my own daughter can swim properly at the age 5 like al the other children who are born in holland

So then i could rescue my niece and everything would be fine :)
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