Mogadishu Woman exposes the truth about Mogadishu (must watch)

I'm not beefing or defending anyone sis.
doqon girl, iley has done more for puntland than anyone else,

yuo are forgtting when he was around 1dooristan or glamudug moryaans never messed with puntland, he used to call them with his little finger,

this is why gaas used to go there more often than he did xamar

your a fish and chips with out history sister, learn some history, i know they are your reer abti, but i rememebr Mjs boasting we will get iley helping if anyone messes with us and hawiyer and marehans saying we will not touch yall since you ahve iley,

leave my uncle alone, he massacred oromo and 1doors and hawiye and now look at langabs Somalis in ddsi they miss him
Why is this dumb caqdheer above me yapping about abdi ilay and distracting from the woman's powerful message in the video? Stay on topic. I am so tired of illiterate people, esp caqhdeer, ruining threads.


@Teeri-Alpha waryaaa how many times are you going to quote me before you take your blood pressure medication. :faysalwtf:stop the rantings and don't call me dabayaco or nayaa cakdheryo!!