Men who are completely shaven are not men


Some people look better clean shaven

Some people look better with a beard

Some people look better with stubble

Choose whatever suits you


I have no proof, only whispers
if you have a decent beard, who needs a hairline, just shave off your hair and hit the gym
Yup bald guys with good beards look masculine as hell, I'd say even more so than guys with a full head of hair plus a beard


LOVE is none smelly Dhuuso.
Let Them Eat Cake
Men who clean shave are no different than men who wear women's clothing. Men who clean shave and men who think they are women are both "it" and are the same like apples and oranges are both fruits. This is feminine behaviour. Men are not supposed to be hairless on their face. It should only be lightly trimmed. Why is this being accepted by men?

Also men who have hair longer than their shoulders are also "it".

I know your secret.