Men, the sacred month is upon us


Bishop of the order of Gacanta Furan ✋
As we all know, the special month of No Nut November is coming in close, in fact it starts tomorrow. Men from across the globe will be participating, and it is your duty to also do so. In case you some of you guys don't know what it is, it is a month where we are prohibited from busting nuts of any kind for the entirety of November, (you are allowed one wet dream, if you have two you're out). I understand how tough it will be for some of you guys, but you must remain resilient and determined, we are all in this together.

Post what you're gonna do to prepare before November 1st and once the month arrives share your No Nut journey

So with that being said i wish you all good luck :salute:
The prophet said the best thing to be niggardly with is your semen.


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