Mayweather vs McGregor fight

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Is that an effing diif?:holeup::jcoleno:
Don't insult the sponsors warya
Mo May, maashallah. Another halyeey, ninku yuu baxsan, seeddi inooga dhigaa.

Seriously speaking, while workers are asked restraint on wages growth, sport is becoming decadent in terms of the money thrown at athletes. More is being made by billionaires who own their rights or the sporting clubs these players represent. Where did all this money come from? The poor worker whose wages was stagnant for few years. That's why I quit watching sport even on free streaming websites. I now go to the park and watch the neighbour's kids playing cricket. My friends think it's for the hot cricket mum. She is worth it more than Mayweather Vs McGregor.
Watched it ten minutes ago and it wasn't as boring as I thought it was gonna be. Anyone who stayed up in Europe wasted their time tho nacalaa

I'm half way through now @14min never seen him fight. Mayweather got instant reflexes and tight defense techniques, the way he move and twist his head around:ohhh:

You can tell MG isn't made for this, he was slow, keeping distance from May with stretching arm and desperate to land a punch. I'm surprised he last to the end with weak block game, only defense he had was counters. May made a punching bag out of him towards the end.

Not open for further replies.