Maya jama gives Chunkz middle Finger

He claims to be a virgin waiting for marriage last i remember so what was he gonna do? I doubt my man could keep up with this magnum guzzler anyway:pachah1:


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Ricardo is a gay designer
I was about to say this.

Also Maya is an image girl so unless she’s in a relationship she wouldn’t get too close to a guy. Cause her whole concept is that desire of guys thinking they can get her but not have access to her. Sspot guys who make a 1000 threads about her don’t get this :mjhaps:

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She is member of sex club who she goes with her friends to get piped by jamaicans and west africans

chunkz would see this if he wifed Her View attachment 184851


This doesn't make sense. If a woman sleeps with a thousand men or she sleeps with her husband a thousand times, her privates would end up the same. The vagina is a muscle and it reverts back to its normal form after childbirth.. a child's head is larger than any man's privates.

Some of you guys on Sspot have no clue about women, it's astonishing. I hope no girl or woman ever buys into this sexist and disgusting "loose vagina" myth. Why do men make up rumours about a miraculous anatomy made by Allah SWT?

The bottom line. Remember: A “loose” vagina is a myth. Age and childbirth can cause your vagina to slightly lose some of its elasticity naturally, but your vaginal muscles won't stretch out permanently. In time, your vagina will snap back to its original form.
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