Mauritanian women omg

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El padrone

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Hand on heart my mum and sometimes myself is always asked if we are Mauritanian Espically my mum. I even say it her on a regular basis honest to god. Cuz of that she's now tempted to do an ancestry DNA test.
Maasha allah! i knew you were a peng ting inaadeer. if you dont mind whats your stats, heigh, weight and body frame(small, big)?


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and thats why your girl left you, lil whining ***** :russ:

its not retaliating its true, they are more attractive than somali boys most of the time when somali boys are cute they are mixed :manny:
You look like aliens :susp:

My DM's will prove you wrong inshallah :cool:


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His smile looks weird/forced, but his body type :damedamn::banderas:
Not too skinny/lanky and not too muscular-- he has the perfect 'footballer frame':rejoice:
Yeah he seems to have this quirky smile in all his pictures but his teeth are perfect:)

And I agree about the body, his height is perfect too


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So the true feelings have come out yaa? Go on, let it all out. Reer abu tyrone wallahi...
I remember a handful of pro Tyrone women back in the day. All of them have Madow garacs and calacal about men ain't shit on Facebook kkkkkkkkk
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