Massive Crowds in East Sanaag welcome Muuse Bixi

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A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Punani land is collapsing, soon the dark people of garowe and barren bosaso will beg to join Somaliland like faroole asked to join Somaliland few years ago. Have your soliders been paid this month or are they on their way to take over government buildings horta
Puntland will not fall in sha Allah because they're not the aggressors and Allah is never on the side of the aggressor. The people of Puntland have been attacked by much stronger forces than somaliland siad barre with the strongest Army in Africa tried to destroy maxamud saleeban alone forget about the rest of the people of Puntland and they sent him to his grave likewise the sayiidka madmullah tried to subdue the people of Puntland and they also sent him to his grave.

Yesterday you were crying about the aggression of siad barre and qabyalad, yesterday Isaac were dulmidiid and today you're dulmidoon
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