Many of you complain for the lack of actual Somali actors in the West!

Yes indeed! Nigeria's film industry is incredible!!

Started as far as the 60s/70s, the Nigerian film industry conquered the Globe when their films started exporting outside of Nigeria, films like: Half of a yellow sun, with over ten nominations and five awards won!!

The Nigerians don't joke around, I hope that we will reach their levels (only if we just focus more on our productivity than mocking the "Madow"s or "BLM halimos"!
While the Lamagoodle complains, the "Madow" is winning :mjswag:
There's far better people to emulate than Nigerians, the Han Chinese are the best by far in terms of making a 1st world nation & getting 3.5x of 🇳🇬's population out of Poverty. And why would Somalis in general waste their time with films there's far more important things in life as if a good government can't just censor all the useless bs which comes into their nation (making the progress in such Liberal industries take a hit) as seen in strong nations who aren't interested in being a laughing stock for Google/ images
Fake news and insidious post.
Egyptian, Turkish and sometimes Iranian movies do make a hit in the West, despite having women covered up.
It doesn't away from the premise of the movie, the core message of it. Hijab is just different clothing!
It makes the whole film stuffy and boring, not appealing to diverse audiences at all


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