Man with small toes and feet...


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So today I stopped by an Mj Star bucks in scary side of Minneapolis. My habar gidir friends somehow love this place, they say they go there to ease drop on the Mjs dissing Hawiya people. Anyway, in front of us was this fabulous Nubian Habar gidir man. My friend who is Habar gidir said he is so. He is very dark skin, with big beared, trimmed well. Handsome guy but has small feet, his small toes, with tiny nail sticking out of the toes kinda turned me off. But everything else was Daag Daag.

Anyway---I just wanted to do a dear Diary moment before I am heading out again ! Have a great weekend! :)


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Forget feet, what about his ears? Did have big ears or small ears?:mjpls: