NSFW Man burnt alive in South Africa


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Xoolos Every bad stereo typical trait of black people is embodied in the South African Zulu. Even their faces look dumb, it looks like they are not in thoughts


Puffin Stuff

Cheating death in berbera
They whites are either moving to Australia or poor farmers

The farmers now have guns and have shot dead menacing Zulu before


Make Dhulos Great Again
Apartheid needs to come back, Somalis need to align themselves with boers and enslave these subhumans, the only time “mUh CuNrY” was good was under caucasoid ruleBBB282F4-F340-4A5B-8717-4FE1264ADB00.png they don’t attack the white or Indians because subconsciously they know they are superior, so geeljires need form a pack with them not these other Africans. BRING BACK APARTHEID 1AD47EEB-E1E5-4E45-B7A5-3E352F5B7C6D.png1AD47EEB-E1E5-4E45-B7A5-3E352F5B7C6D.png


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