Madness! Even the ambassador is surprised by his lack of empathy

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Im headed to IHOP rn, do u want me to get something for u that I'm gonna eat

Post pic or it didn't happen.
Me recommends the following
Big steak omelet and Espresso mocha cream pancakes.
Followed by one spliff of Geedo

No Homo


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Ceeb badana, imagine a non-Muslim having more empathy than a so called Muslim.

I'm not the biggest fan of Muqdisho but I would never try to take politically advantage while innocent civilians are breathing their last breath.
This type of rhetoric is increasing. I think majority of somalis are slowly being turned and willing to just say enough is enough, give these people there independents after they sort out the border issues.

The hate they have is only growing by the day. We ALL know what SL will end up as anyway (corrupt clan nepotism like everywhere else somalis politicians touch)


I Couldn't differentiate Between him and doofaar. Badow fowqul badow.

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