WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. MAD MULLAH Dabcasar about to receive his pilot license. Goes live on FB with a cadaan trainer. Wld u trust a plane piloted by Dabz 😂😂

Grigori Rasputin

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Would you fly in his plane



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People are always surprised when they see him functioning like a normal human being, they're so used to him spazzing out that him doing everyday things is shocking. He definitely has multiple personality disorder but he can function.
He's trying so hard with the accent and honestly doing a mashallah job but he can't help but let the inner fob slip out with some words.
This is a quick way to end up on one of those government lists. Muslim man with a Muslim sounding name born in Somalia, a country where a terror group is still active. Adeer is brazen.


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What does he do ? why is he famous?
I see his name getting mentioned a lot here in this forum,
I'm too lazy to google him or youtube him, lol.


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