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And that bubble is called the West Midlands


Only freshies or dark skin caucasian Somalis are left in the Netherlands. No in between.
Is this a reference to cheese & xalwo :mjlol: :mjlol:

I’m interested to know if there are any Somali diasporas in South America?


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Only the Somalis in the US, Canada and Australia are succeeding and integrating.
:camby::childplease::deadrose::what1:Naaaaaaaaah:what: Mention some successful Somalis from these countries. In addition, the question is lowkey somali, which is not the definition of success, but more unproblematic Somalis who take care of themselves and not make big headlines on the guardians


You South African?
I'd also like to add , that there are are roughly , 41 ,000 geeljires
(excluding 30,000 asylum seekers )
The first population came in the 90's and early 2000's and have obtained sharci meanwhile the other came during the late 2010's and beyond,
many have residency status , asylum seekers or are in the awaiting list but they have permit to work in the country.
This is an example , this man left Somalia long time ago , he was a teenager, lived in East Africa and eventually moved here , today he's successfull despite living few years , new arrivals can flourish if they avoid townships.

This is a South African Somali Channel.
It's called Somali Live , they're based in Joburg, if you understand Somali you can know what's going on with Somalis.
It doesn't matter which year you come
but nonetheless it's good content

We Cape Town geeljires don't have many activities like that due to our smaller numbers but the city have open street day in every municipalities it's quite lively
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The UK Somalis are a failure, only the Somalis in the US, Canada and Australia are succeeding and integrating.
Ayo relax, you over exaggerating. A lot of uk somalis are in school, they even held annual charity event where they built something back home. All done by students. Actually reer Uk are in good position to level up, there is plenty of educational and job opportunities in uk.

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Swiss. Also I'm going to say Germany. There aren't too many, but I'd say they're the most unproblematic of all the large Western countries. Back in 2016 I went to a town known for its yearly Xmas market. I ran into some late 40's Faarax being dragged around by his German wife. I spotted him in a sea of white faces and we locked eyes for a brief moment that felt like a lifetime. He looked at me like he was in trouble, like I caught him with his pants down. It was as if he was being hunted down by a previous litter of children that would one day show up on his doorstep.

Yes, they're all over big cities on the mainland
You sounding hella Qowm Lut there sir


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Thats interesting, how would you compare living in switzerland to london. Like whats the difference between the two??
wallahi not much difference all gaal countries, I am treated better as a hijabi here in London.... also too much Somali ghettos people in London :tacky:


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