LORD HAVE MERCY! They bred like chickens.XALIIMOS w/50 kids N Syria begging Farmaajo to...

Grigori Rasputin

“No more your dad” “your mom loofs me”
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The Women who led this group to Syria was native Finnish revert, who was married to Gambian sheikh. They hsd a divorce and this Finnish lady married another Finnish revert and they had children. Duqa Finnishka was a khwarij and he managed to brainwash the whole family. Then this white qumayo tried to brainwash another white revert but she(having IQ above 100, didnt fall for this and) reported her to Finnish authorities. But there was no evidence so they let the case be.

This qumayo then saw Maryooley youth(FOBs) who were rockin cabaayad iyo jilbaab. She thaught it would be easy task to brainwash them. Little did she knew that gabdhuhu struggled to get into Finland and now this qumayo wanted them to go to Syria(they didnt fall for this because 68 IQ cannot comprehend greater good). They had a heated argument and these FOBs beat the shit out of her.

But this Finnish qumayo didnt give up. She started to brainwash her daughters' good childhood friend(Somali). She brainwashed her(because 69 IQ waa truly doqon). And now the Khwarij father started to have doubts about this whole thing and he told them he will join them later in Syria...... and he never did. Now he is an alcoholic.

The FOBs never fall for these khwarijs, its always kids educated in west who lived a nice life.

Im not saying they deserve it, but why the f*ck would you leave Finland fo Syria? Ppl are litterally drowning in the sea just to get out of the shithole.
The fobs would never fall for this because they’ve been through 3rd world shithole gaajo living. They know the hardship that is living in 3rd world countries.

Now take for an example a youth Xaliimo who’s been born in the West. That child has grown up in a life where food was constantly wasted. The next meal was always in the fridge. I’ve cream can easily be bought. Everything always worked, from electricity to phones.
At this point life becomes routine. They get up in the morning and they go to school. No hardship. Their perceived hardship is actually the privilege they have. Then they hear abt a cause. They fall for the brainwash. Now they are anxious to leave and do something. They yearn for action. They yearn for justice for the Ummah. They are hell bend in getting to Syria. They get there, first months are alright. Then all of a sudden the West unleashes it’s awesome power. Food, electricity and security becomes scarce. Horrific aerial bombardment becomes unbearable. Hunger becomes steep. Too many deaths around them. People around them start changing. Execution of the innocent take place under the guise of “he was a spy”. Tremendous restriction is imposed on them by those they thought were righteous. Their first husbands die and they are quickly married off to another fighter without their consent. That one dies and then another fighter then another fighter till they turn into a human sperm bucket. Now they start questioning everything. Now they realize they’ve made a big mistake. Now they yearn for their luxurious life, the life they thought was boring and meaningless. Now they got 6 kids. Now they are losing their mental faculty. Now they calling hooyo and begging her to find a way to get her out of this misery. Now they suffer from simple diseases, diseases that are eradicated from their former homeland. Now they cry constantly. Now they are depressed. Now they would wish R.kelly just comes and rescue them and he can have 4 of them. They are willing to settle in Hargeisa for him.