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North-West, London
Galbeed as in the Berbera area and sahil province ?
No Toljeclo live with the Sacad Muse in Arabsiyo and Gabiley.

When Magaado died Axmed “Toljeclo” decided to leave Xiis where Xabuusho and her 4 sons used to live. He decided to check up on his other brothers from the other Bah, he never left them and Axmed descendants live with the other Bah till today hence “Toljeclo”.

The other three decided to stay with their mum hence “Habar Jeclo”. The Toljeclos were big very long time ago and were the first ones to be crowned as Isaaq sultans. Axmed Toljeclo was sheekh Isxaaq favorite son too, according to the Isaaq historians he would never leave his side till the sheekhs death.