Lol what's the name of this


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
Waryaaa can u post the entire video! This is more interesting than Oprah yaaqeee

The Sultan was licking his lips left and right. He likes the aggressive woman in red gabarsar


Ragna qowl baa xira, dumarna meher baa xira.
Lol walahi been looking for this video. Didn't know their is so much choice.

Universal tv Weey ilbaxeen

I remember a few years ago it was mostly just idaacad iyo siyaasad laakin due to recent developments in dalka iyo qurbaha among dadkeena they started to diversify barnaamiyada. It's good hormar


"You are your best thing"
Did that guy just compare loving your 5 kids the same way to loving his 4 wives?:bell:what an idiot, I swear Somali men learn you can have 4 wives before they even learn the proper way of making Wudu. Every dusty Farrah knows his right to 4 wives but couldn’t recite you the Ayatul Kursi.