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Lockdown: Day One .

Are you on lockdown or shelter in place?

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❇Geeljire of the Cosmos❇
How are you my Geeljires and Geeljireetes ,
Finally I figured out how to create a thread , man, that wasn't easy let me tell ya .:chrisfreshhah:
I'm no longer that tech savvy geeljire I was 10 years ago, damn you zoomers for making us look like boomers . :mjkkk:

well, so it's my first day on Lockdown , just thinking about that sweet morning sleep:banderas: .
from now on ,I'll be waking up whenever the f*** I want.

On my second part , I want to ask you , are you guys getting some of that lacag from dowlada ?
I know UK ,Canada and American geeljires will be getting some checks, some will get more money than they use to make ,
and the ones with a lot of Caruur will be getting some good lacag.:silanyosmile:

here they're talking about $1200 for adults, $600 for each child one time check, and $600 a week unemployment check for 4 months .
UK and Canada, how much are you guys getting?

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