Literal proof that U.K is Gaajo. Video.

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U.K. Somalis are staying up all night just stand in line for juice....

Not even organic juice but concentrated juice. :siilaanyolaugh:




A response thread against @Bohol when he posted a funny & sad article about a Xalimo in Florida.

What's up with this UK vs US beef lately? :pachah1:
Why doesn't he just buy five cartons when he is in the shop and it is available.

What kind of mess is this?
Britain’s Somalis

Britain’s SomalisThe road is long.

Somalis fare much worse than other immigrants; what holds them back?

Most Somalis—Britain’s largest refugee population—do not work. They are among the poorest, worst-educated and least-employed in Britain. In a country where other refugees have flourished, why do Somalis do so badly?

Can't register to this website and read such depressing news from our cousins in Britain. @Factz register to the economist and dig the rest of the article if you've appetite for it.

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Incredibly, I don’t find this cat funny at all. Don’t see why some folks think he is funny. A funny person should make me crack up without searching laughter from him.
Reer UK is lucky to have 2 square meals a day

Qurrac is shaax with roti qallalay

Dinner is sleep and if they’re fourtunate white rice and honey


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GDP per capita America: $59,531
GDP per capita Canada: $45,032
GDP per capita UK: $39,720

GDP per capita of ''Eurotrash'' countries (SE/NO/NL/DK etc): ~$50,000-70,000

The UK is the poorest Somali diaspora Western country.
Some look up the remittance xawaalada does from Minnesota to Reer UK

I wouldn’t be surprised if UK is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Qaaran sent
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