List your favorite Xalimos or Faraxs on sspot


And like clockwork, you perfectly illustrate my backhanded compliment.

Stop it, Negro, stop it.

Your novel little theory was funny at first, but it's a schtick that has become terribly stale and has clearly run its course.

I would actually love to have a proper conversation with you, without you constantly insinuating these absolutely bonkers accusations.

You're funny at times, but this sh** you're pushing

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It bothers you and I relish it ahahhahahahabahahahabhahahahahababahababababahahhahahahaha
Does anyone remember that user who would talk like a traveling merchant?. The dude was hilarious plus his profile picture was of a black man ( I think it was Mansa Musa?)
Don't remember this user's name, but he was mostly the reason why I joined Spot.
The travelling nomadic or something. Or puntite something.