List 5 next countries you plan to visit

I've only ever travelled to 3 countries but I do want to travel more. Here are some of the countries I would like to visit:

USA (but now that they have Trump I don't kno)
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand
I've been to all the countries (except Qatar) you have listed OP, and I'd drop Italy to the bottom.

Lucerne in Switzerland is fucking Amazing.

I'm done with Europe, I've been to almost all of Western Europe and the more significant parts of Eastern Europe (except Russia).

I would like to visit (in no particular order)

1) Georgia and/or Armenia next.
2) Mexico
3) Brazil
4) China
5) Tanzania

Obviously this isn't a logical itinerary, but those countries spark my interest atm
Woaaah every west? Tell me how old r u and how did u travel alone or sum?


I've already been to most of Europe, North America, much of Africa, S-Korea and Japan, Gulf countries etc. So the above 5 interest me for future trips.
Wtf yall r travelers? U been japan n south korea tell me ur exp


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Wtf yall r travelers? U been japan n south korea tell me ur exp
I visited them on the same trip. Once you are in either Japan or South Korea it is cheap and easy to quickly visit the other place. Same with many European countries, you can visit multiple of them in one trip.
Insha Allah Central Asia and Siberia. I want to go on horse back on the Kazakh and Mongolian Steppe.
I also want to visit Saudi Arabia to see historic sites like where battle of badr and uhud took place as well as Mecca and Medina

I also want to see Egypt.

I don’t care too much for oceans and nice beaches. I am all about historic places


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Not a big fan of moderan,expensive and famous touristic countries, I love a small ,irrevevlent and rarely visited countries with some sort of a conflict going on.

the country must not be like as dangerous us southern Somalia, a perfect country should be enjoying a relative peace like SL and PL, this is my preferred way of a lifetime adventure,stories to tell me offsprings and money well spent.

1.Nepal: Chinese and Indian babes are mix both of worlds(loyal and very tight )

2.Chechnya: you can find blonde Muslim ready to be scooped in most mosques, these blue eyed tall and religious temporary wives are worth the few hundred Lira.

3.Cuba: Cigar, storng coffee, quality Dhabaaxsho and learning how to dance like a Cuban sounds fun to me than visiting Italian museum and opera.

4.Guinea bissau: Hike in the mountains with hired mercenaries and do gold rush hunting and employing dozens of jobless locals.

5. Brunei: Impersonate the new Somali ambassador to Brunei , demand to meet the king in regards of a gift Somalia's a President has for him, get close to the wealthy family, may be steal some of the gold lying around in the Palace or make a well rehearsed impression on the King's daughter and hope for the best.:trumpsmirk:
Woaaah every west? Tell me how old r u and how did u travel alone or sum?
Going on to 27. Some of it has been with friends from home, but most of it was solo or people I met while travelling.

Solo is a completely different experience than going with friends. There is a glass ceiling when you go with friends, I find myself not interacting with the locals and not paying intimate attention to my surroundings.


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Only country I really want to visit is North Korea. I want to change it up and see a different prospective of Asia.
Or Turkmenistan. If I cannot go any of these, then Canada and Oman/Sweden.