Let's play a game.

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Depends if she is ages like fine wine then she has a chance.

But it's rare lol


I hate when these educated women think they are the shit. Truth of the matter most men don't care about their education level. We just want aesthetic looking women.

But there are some who are beautiful and educated but they are rare.



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He means your siil is no longer needed.

And your masters/ PhD doesn't mean anything to men because we only chase pretty women who are in their prime

I'm a vintage Ashton Martin that's never been driven off the lot. Zero milleage. Aesthetic, intelligently designed, and old. All things you despise together. :trumpsmirk:Don't assume that good looks and intelligence are mutually exclusive. I still blend in with undergrads, that are at least a decade my junior. That's what happens when you don't let yourself go.
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