Lebanese on Beating/Raping Wife. If she doesn’t get Water I will Light her on fire

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Fair enough but still I think it’s really cringe how some people on this forum have it out for Arabs and act as if they’re uncivilized and Somalis are cultured philosophers in comparison. An Arab shits and a Somalispotter complains about the smell
I would rather have somalis complain about the smell than they say it smells good.

But some do hate ayyrabs unjustly.
I really wish a nigga would
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SSpoter's have fallen victim to Israeli propoganda, nevertheless another 10/10 post from @Qeelbax. Now it is statistically more likely for a Halimo to be beating on her husband then the other way around. Somali men in general inflict damage throughout the emotional route is that worse that for you to decide. Crazy how normalized it is to beat on women in SOME cultures and societies.
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