Learning advanced somali


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I can speak Somali pretty well at a conversational level, with a few errors here and there. But I want to be able to understand advanced Somali, the kind used in articles, and textbooks and stuff, they have lots of unknown vocabulary that I'm going to have to learn.

If anyone has any resources for me I'd really appreciate it



Read news articles in Af-Somali, look up words you don't know and focus on the grammatic structure.

And if you are really serious, try ordering some Somali books from the internet and read them. Try finishing one every month.

You won't get far in a language just by speaking it with people. Reading in it will make you more fluent. Just look at all those academic types around the world who never use English in their daily life, but speak it fluently from reading a lot of English material.


There are books available , they can enhance your Somali literature, I don't know which genre you're looking for , I'd recommend this if you want to start.

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I say read as much somali articles online as you can and learn a new word everyday by copying that word and pasting it on google translate, somali to english. You will be amazing in no time buddy

That process has helped me a lot. I learned what amniga is recently and immediately used it in real life :)
Speaking advanced Somali can only be practiced by speaking with others, I read advanced book but it's hard to for me to speak at that level because there's not many Somalis here to practice orally.