Learn about Presidential Candidates of Puntland 2019 Pictures

Dr. Yaasin Beeldaajiye Cabdullahi who is confirmed to be running in the 2019 election inshallah.

He hails from an illustrious family as the name and title beeldaajiye insinuates.

He is from Bari region Qandala and Armo, the traditional chief of the Adeer Ali clan.



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Can you add sources to those 'confirmed' presidential candidates.
Abdalla there are numerous sources only people in the inner Puntland circle can find out or from people close to the candidates.

If you feel one has been misrepresented you can always correct but I am sure of most of the candidates they have been travelling and garnering support.

Faarax Cali Shire is in London holding meetings, he talked about the current administration, he went on TV. He is meeting the community and plans to visit other citiesnit is apparent that he is running or that it is his wish to do so.

When asked in his case about his plans for 2019 he smiled and said it is far away and that we have to see. A classic response most politicians give.

Some other tell close friends or relatives? Others just say out loud what their attentions are.

So this is close intel.