Laylatul Qadr


As you know the 10 nights of Laylatul Qadr began last night and today we are on our 9th day. Speaking of today it is the odd night were there is a chance it could be laylatul qadr as you specifically seek the 5 odd nights.
Here are some tips to increase your chance of getting IMMENSE reward from Allah.
Be sincere with your intention
Increase in dhikr and remembering Allah in your minds this website tells you all the types of dhikr and it's benefits and rewards
Increase in reading and listenimg to the quran
try to cry for Allah sake
memorize understand the 99 beautiful names of Allah
make a lot of dua and
stay away from any sins
give plenty of charity even 1 dollar/pounds for all the 10 days so that it could fall on Laylatul Qadr.
pray the tahajjud night time prayer especially in the last third of the night this is when Allah descends to the lowest heaven.

anything else feel free to ask