Landmark Aisha Ilyas case hearing opens in Garoowe

The three monsters sentenced to death by government firing are:

Abdifatah Abdirahman Warsame aged 24

Abdisalaan Abdirahman Warsame aged 32

Abdishukri Mohamed Dige aged 46
This is good ruling as killing them will not be done by the father but rather the State the father in attendance which is more 'civil' looking than citizen doing it.
They have a 30 day period to appeal the ruling which makes it more fair.

I hope in that period the families won't go to Human Rights and the government than over turning the ruling to lengthy prison sentences.
What makes it more sad is that the two brothers were related to Aisha and Aisha's mother cared for them while their mother was in Mogadishu.

The house being empty of any females it was Aisha's mother in true Somali custom that cooked for them and little Aisha used to bring pot of food to their house.

The 46 Abdishukri who was old man with children living next to the brothers but actually stayed at the two brothers was convicted along them for raping, maiming and killing.

The two brothers hail from Cadduun the Balibusle/Salax subclan while the old man hails from Ciid Buursaalax/Bookh subclan.
This ruling made me happy though I am against the expiration of human life but in this cases and cases like it a line has to be drawn.

I am saddened by the mother of the two brothers who faces losing both of her sons in few months time.