LADIES, What is your ideal man?

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I don't have ideals. I believe when you meet the right person you'll connect with them on a deeper level than their physical build or personality
Whenever a women says she desires a skinny male, she's either obese or fat. People need to learn how to read between the lines here, just based on this thread you can tell the sizes of these women.

It's very rare for such women to be into muscular big males unless he compensates with something else (money or it's a last desperate resort)

Opposites attract, you will find that the most healthy of women that is slim has a strong aversion to the above and desires big muscular males, even the chubby one will do over the malnourished slim ones.
Skinny, has a good job and makes six figures as that's how much I make.

Very cultured and an intellectual, I just love intelligent men.

Dresses well and is into the finer things in life but isn't superficial.

I didn't graduate yet, I'm just assuming I should make six figs since most of my friends who graduated do and we are in the same major.

Is this all too much to expect from Somali men?
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