Kismaayo subcommittee 1951

@Gabz19988 how did gaal-jacel arrive in Kismayo? surely u should know. Absame Broke the frontier by crossing the river and warring with Wardey. This then brought Marehan to follow from the central regions after absame did the hard war. Harti arrived thru boats and is well documented. So what is gaaljacel story? nothing like all u damn hawiye, u have no history and never will.

I think Gaaljacel were clients of Wardey and were slowly being absorbed by Oromo because there is no documented war between hawiye and oromo, the war happens when Darod arrives and drives them out of Jubaland.

Maybe the Gaaljacel switched allegiance quickly after seeing Warday defeated and became clients of Darod, cause that's what they are in essence today, your simply clients who live at the mercy of harti-absame.
They arrived via baardheera expanded from hiiraan. Along with the 4 saransoor. Garjante live around baardheere to this day.
Lol I have seats under my name your seats are under harti. If u are landheer in the jubbas, why are u not called Mj, awrtable, warsangeli etc
Because Harti is sub clan.
More sub Clan then Galjecel. Galjecel Equivalents Darood or Kablalax .
Because we Landeer we use sub clan names.
Galjecel is Hawiya and Darood level abtrisinyo


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