Kim Kardashian is studying to become a lawyer


That is good. I see an Amal Clooney potential in her. She will be a saviour for the poor. A lot of african americans are incarcerated in american jails based on false accusations. Back people need to appreciate when whites trynna make their day a bit better. Respecto del grande.

She is woke and has a heart of gold. She has fought to reform gun laws. She is also a Bernie supporter :it0tdo8:



Her dad was one of the best lawyers and since she is married to Kanye, only she can defend him. She attended one of the best private all Girls High School in Bell Air/Los Angels with a yearly tuition of nearly $40,000

Marymount High School
Newspaper The Anchor
Tuition $36,385 (2018-19)
Affiliation Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Academic Dean Tika Martin
I know. Robert Kardashian was one of the best lawyers back in the days. Anyway how can edit the first post