Kheyre begs new PM Rooble to let him hand the PM's office over instead of the Deputy PM. Gets rejected.


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I should hand over ‘office’ to you instead of my former deputy, immediate ex-prime minister Hasan Khaire has told the incoming premier Mohamed Roble .

In a letter addressed to Roble seen by Goobjoog News, Khaire has implored upon his successor to be granted the chance to formally hand over office despite having left the seat about two months ago.

But in a Facebook post, acting sports minister Khadija Diriye who is a member of the transition committee said acting PM Mahdi Gulaid will hand over office to the new PM.
The laangaab dhurwa got rejected. It's times like this that I wish @embarassing was still around.


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Khayre is shamefull looser Walahi who thrives on igu Sawir mentions to keep himself revelent and not forgetten.

Afar qooble Khayre for God's sake please go back to the Norwegian refugee council job and doing your low tier scams in Kakuma you useless and fraudster,please disappear and never show your face on media again.

4 years of corruption and incompetence and he has the audacity to run for a president when he should in shackles and in underground for war crimes and selling our resources to the highest bidder, Walahi Khayre is more evil than Abiyo Ahmed and Melez zanawi combined.

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