Kenyans are making news articles about somalian clans


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Why is this surprising? Kenyans are used to Somali clan politics in NFD :mindblown:

I bet you think Ethiopians are clueless on Somali clans as well :russ:


Obergruppenführer in Command (OIC)
SOmali National Army needs to establish a peace keeping mission in NFD once Shabaab is squashed in middle Jubba
Whilst Farmajo is looking at Madoobe or Deni against Farmajo, the Kenyans are planning their mental warfare against the Somali People. We need to awaken ourselves. But first we need to clean our backyards. Al Shabab First then KDF/EDF


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
I never understood why some individuals believe teaching ajnabis about qabiil is something to be proud of. I’ve had few coworkers and school mates over the years that love to. Qabiil is our Achilles heel, we should do everything we can not to discuss it :)