Kenyan real estate

I've always suspected that one of the prime reasons ppl don't move back is the lack of suitable housing. Everyone that goes back to Somalia live in hotels. Even the damn government operates some ministries from hotels.

Why can't the private/gov sector develop estates? At least for themselves or gov employees
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anywya these houses are being sold for around $152,000 usd.

same houses will easily fetch 500k in most parts of Somalia


Are you planning to travel to Kenya , I might go there next year , to see what the country has to offer for an expat , I'm certainly avoiding Eastleigh.
Maybe the outer areas of Nairobi.

The estate business there looks promising , if Somalia at least had some sort of tranquility.I would be the first to operate such business.


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You can't have private sector in Somalia. In Kenya--its a bit manageable because of it strong govt. But most of the investors are outsiders, not the Kenyans.

Africa has no middle class to allow a growth of private sector real estate to flourish.